Culture Clash – Healthy Substitutions

03 Feb

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah beats they Eye of the Tiger – choose better.


There is a lot of stuff out there to get you down. Music really has a lot to do with culture, attitudes and what we think about. If you listen to popular music or see the music videos, it is very easy to get depressed or discouraged. Why not make more uplifting and hopeful choices?

Here are some great substitutions that you can make of Christian music for secular. I’ve chosen thematic substitutions, rather than stylistic, to perhaps make a point.

In place of pop icon Katy Perry’s egotistic song Roar, substitute Newsboys’ song God’s Not Dead.

For Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger, substitute a more upbeat song by the same name. Mandisa and her song Strongerhas a very positive vibe (and no break-ups in her song).

And finally, instead of Miley Cyrus’ song We Can’t Stop, which is very shocking to Christian sensibilities, check out TobyMac’s Unstoppable.

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