Things to teach our sons

29 Oct

I read a very interesting article on, that deals a little with the role reversal of men and women, but more importantly, with some of the unsatisfying consequences of the so-called ‘sexual revolution’.  Here is Mona Charen’s impressive article:  Blame the Sexual Revolution, Not Men

Along this vein, I think we need to devote more time into developing our sons.  Here are a few things I came up with that would help grow our sons into true men.

Fifteen things we should teach our sons by the time they are 18:

  1.  How to maintain a car and change a flat tire by actually going through the steps with them.
  2.  How to keep your word, even when it is unconvenient.
  3.  How to wear a suit and tie.  A suit communicates power, respect, and yes, a certain level of conformity to societal standards.
  4.  How to work and be employable.  After that, teach them how to enjoy work and the results of a job well done.
  5.  How to ask a young woman on a date and there be no question about who is paying.
  6.  How to show respect to others and have good manners in social interactions.
  7.  How to accept responsibilty for their actions.
  8.  How to show respect for elders, the opposite sex, and in worship settings.
  9.  How to contribute to society and not take from it.
  10.  How to exercise self-discipline, by expecting certain levels of achievement from them.
  11.  How to read, be informed and be a lifelong learner
  12.  How to be a bachelor: be able to make a few meals, do laundry, balance a checkbook and organize paperwork.
  13.  How to help others and be ready to lend a hand in the right circustances.
  14.  How to learn a valuable skill or profession that is in demand in the marketplace.
  15.  How to carry on an interesting conversation with people of any age.

Is there anything you disagree with or would want to add?  Add a comment!

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